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Survival Legaal Votifier Server Versie 1.10.2


Realmkraft. For all your Minecraft server needs,

So what is Realmkraft?
We are a Minecraft 1.10 survival server with some pretty cool plugins to keep you, the player, on your toes and keep the server ahead of other servers. We have VeinMiner and DelzTools, that’s two different plugins, just to improve your mining experience.

So what else do we have?
We have a staff team that are constantly listening to the community and the ideas they have to improve the server and build and form it around the players. We are always adding new additions to server such as Chair Plugins, and extra worlds for players to explore and build in.

What are the main features of Realmkraft?
We have a survival world with a map of 80,000 x 80,000 which is 6.4 Billion blocks worth of space to accommodate your wildest builds and biggest dreams. We have plugins including Chairs, which allows players to use stairs as chairs, because who doesn’t like sitting down after a hard day’s work of building. We have an in-game shop and economy to fit it so users can buy and sell items between each other and the server to allow them to become #1 on the Rich List. We also feature an anti-grief system and the ability for players to request staff to them to help them with grief and other issues.
All of this and much more awaits on Realmkraft, so get your diamond pickaxe and your stack of baked potatoes and come play along at
What can players expect to see added to the server in the future?
Players can expect to see new worlds added to the server such as a survival island world and creative build world to allow them to build without the limitations of survival. We are also working on setting events up such as drop parties and build contests where players can win mega-prizes such as ranks and rare items.

Free Ranks:
As you rank up new abilities are unlocked such as being able to use DelzTools. Voting gives in-game rewards such as diamonds and money.

Neophyte - Newly joined players
Peasant - Players who have played for 1 hour
Commoner - Players who have played for 12 hours.
Baron - Players who have played for 24 hours + 20 votes
Adept - Players who have played for 100 hours + 20 votes
Elder - Players who have played for 250 hours + 20 votes

Donator Ranks
Each rank comes with perks such as /fly or the ability to set nicknames and more homes. A full list of perks can be found on our website.
Noble - €4.99
Scribe - €9.99
Craftsman - €19.99
Mage - €29.99
Sorcerer - €39.99
Knight - €49.99
King/Queen - €89.99
God/Goddess - €199.99

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