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Hello. This is Gremlin-Universe a place where fun and games happen, we may not seem professional with our numbered IP i know and im truly sorry about that. I will soon be getting and linking up my custom IP but not right now unfortunately. We would truly honour you to come on and check us out.

I would say theres still a little bit of work to be done but to do that we need your help all i have to do now is:
essentials/on join MOTD
server MOTD
finish world guarding prison mines
a few bugs to sort (that you guys will find)
finish kitpvp completely(its basically done just a few bugs)
Open SurvivalGames
Get a custom IP and link it.

Not really alot left to do. So i hope you take 5 minutes of your life at the least to come check us out...And dont forget to tell your friends....


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