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Survival PvP Legaal Votifier Server Versie 1.8.2


Come and join, this is not a new server, but an old server, from when bukkit still was working. It has just been down for some wield, beacause of the computer which where running the server went down. But now its op again and much better than before.

1: Permant ban if you steal or destory others things.
2: Jail for a day, if you kill or fight others without its your friends.

Enjoy the server, as I never will turn off, only for updates or internetproblemes ) Remmeber if you cannot get on, check on this site, that the IP is the same. It can switch from time to time and Im talking about 3-6 month time.

If you want to be sure keeping you house and things safe, walk so far away from the spawn as possible. To find your house again, remmeber to push the buttom "F1" and write down your cordinates "x" and "z".

My Minecraft Server page:

The server running on my gaming destop with the following specs:

- Windows 7
- Motherboard: Asus VI Impact v2
- CPU: Intel i7 4770K
- GPU: AMD R9 290
- Ram: Kingston 8GB*2 2400MHz
- Cooler: CPU Corsair H80i and GPU Corsair H55
- Harddisk: One SSD 550 reading, 450 writing
Two normal hardisk, both on 500 GB. The one on 5400 RPm, the other on 7200 RPm. They both running together as a dynamic hardisk on 1TB.
- Cabinet: Cooler Master Elite 130

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