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Survival Creative Legaal Versie 1.7.8


UrbanCraft NonPvP aims to be the best 1.7.4 NonPvP server. We have very friendly staff that know what theyre doing. The owner (jrollmvp8) has much experience with making servers to make it as much fun as possible. The admins and staff are on regularly To keep you entertained they created a parkour map (with prizes), along with a couple other mini games including a free for all arena and more to come. We also have many other great server activities which include drop parties every so often, along with awesome building and towny fun. Bottom line, We know how to have fun :) and we plan to become the best NonPvP server out there.

Our plugins include: Mcmmo, Towny, Jobs, ChestShop, Flo-Auction, Parkour, Chunk Own, LWC and more.

We have logblock to make sure that griefing is at a minimum. Join with your friends to have an easy/fun experience on our server.


Thank You

jrollmvp8, Owner of UrbanCraft

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