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PvP Legaal Versie 1.3.1


Come play, bring friends! We need a lot of game data logged to find and fix new glitches, and also to make the game better. Please do email me with any feedback at [email protected]!

Basicaly there is 2 teams of 2-16 players (depending on map). The purpose is to get the TNT in the center of the field to the enemy base. If you place the TNT in the enemy base\\\'s TNT holder, well you might be able to guess... But this simple task becomes complicated as player movement is next to zero for the carrier of the TNT, And he can not use weapons!

Maps: 2
Dedicated server:
OS: Linux Ubuntu 12.4
Java: JRE 7
Bukkit: 1.3.1-R1.0
CPU: Core i7(3.46GHz QuadCore)


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