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Survival Creative Legaal Versie 1.7.4


Server Name: Minecrafters AU

Server Locale: Brisbane, Australia


Server Address/IP:

Additional Worlds: Creative, PVP

Description: Weve been around for a year or so. The admins arent assholes (only to griefers.) We have multiple worlds including creative and pvp, but the main world is survival and non-pvp. Were a pretty close nit group of friends, but were from all over the place. If youre looking for a warm, welcoming server thats not overrun with players and completely mined out, this is the place.
Our spawn town isnt massive. We have some plots around the spawn town, which have some rules, but the rest of the world is free build. (some rules include no overly large buildings, only building on the plots etc.)We dont tolerate griefing at all. Griefing = ban. We dont have many plugins either, just some plugins to stop griefing and cheating.

Rules: NO GRIEFING (except in PVP world). Griefing = Ban. Be respectful. Minimal cussing. No advertising.

Server Hardware: Dedicated server with 24GB of RAM and a Gb uplink from a tier 1 peered host. It also has a quad core Xeon CPU.

Plugins: Minimal. Mostly antigrief/anticheat. Plugins include LWC, orebfuscator, WorldBorder, Essentials, MultiVerse, Prism and Dynmap.

Owners/Admins: bacafe, YoshiDan and knfai. Ops are Jennywren and codstar200

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