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Survival Legaal Versie 3.1.2 Tekk


Why Route66MineTekkit
The route66MineTekkit server is all about Community. We have a running 150Slot teamspeak 3 Server and already a small but friendly player base. We are looking to expand the borders of our
little country and try to make out server go global. Our little community is ready to take on new blood. And we need you to help us make the setting perfect. Beta is over but we still are make our server better every day. We are making our server a Grief protected as possible so all you buildings will be secure!

We started running Minecraft servers about a year ago. Back then it was a vanilla server on a old AMD dual core, Dual CPU setup. Since 4 weeks ago we upgraded our little AMD server to a full out high end 24Core Intel system. And now we are looking to let the community grow with the server. Now Route66 is becoming a bigger place in the world. Route66hardware is our main sponsor and our hardware vendor. Also Route66Community will be our new place to hang out soon. Route66gaming is already a longer existing Multi gaming clan. But now Route66MineTekkit will be added to the History and to the Family of Route66.

Server goal!
We are looking to build a stable community server with a nice Iconomy for everyone to jump in to and to be able to compete. We will be thinking of the community first since that is the server\'s main goal. Also we want this to become on of the rare seriously no lag server, thats why slots wont go to big.

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