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Welcome to Moonquests Tekkit Server

With so many servers, why are we different? Are you tired of playing on servers surrounded by screaming kids and general annoyance? Well then, look no further.

Firstly, this is a server hosted in the UK, powered by an 8 core Server with 96 GB of RAM, running on 2 x 500GB SSD drives in RAID 1. We do not use cheap US based, high latency hosts.

Secondly, this is a community where we want to enjoy Tekkit as well as nature a friendly community of like minded players. We do not tolerate begging or Can I live with someone questions.

Lastly, the only banned items are items that either a)completely upset the balance of the game, b)potentially bypass protection plugins or c)create server instability.

To play here is free, all we ask is that you try us out and if you enjoy the server, contribute and play with us.

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