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Survival Vanilla Legaal Versie 1.8.6


White Ice Cream is the place for the true Minecraft survival feel
but enhanced for multiplayer usage.
The server is known for its fun & friendly community and amazing builders.

Our sprinkles

- Hard mode survival [more mobs and harder to beat, etc]
- Always up to date and staff on.
- Automatic protection system
- A live map at our website of the 20K blocks white ice cream world
- Fun Ranks for your fancyness
- Everybody can set 3 homes. their bed and 2 sethomes.
- Build and skin competitions. monthly [ rewards are ranks ]
- Holliday events and competitions
- An handy Nether hub with 4 areas, to connect player portals, visit eachother, travel to biomes in no time
- A very fun but had jumping puzzle at spawn
- Claim you land using the gold shovel /kit tools As big as you want
- Strict no grief policy
- Strict no PVP policy only if both members want to.
- Strict no cursing policy
- Spawn surrounded by shops build by players
- Amazing rollback tools if a player gets griefed
- A trading villager market top of spawn
- Hidden treasures around spawn
- Option to shift right click signs and edit them
- Jukebox looper when playing a chest next to it with cds
- Fun donation packages with Pets, ArmorFx, Nick, Trails, and many many more all in one.

How do you start building?

- Its simple, go outside our spawn white palace and start finding an unclaimed spot or if you wanna go far out.
- Or Take one of the 4 area trains in our nether hub to go to certain biomes that take you far out using minecarts. weeee.
- Once you found your place and started building, after a while it may be time to claim your land, Type in chat: how to claim to get a url with video explenations.

Wheter you are new to minecraft or an awesome builder like many on this server
You all are welcome.

Hop in. and start your adventure

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