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Survival Creative PvP Legaal Versie 1.7.4


Server Name: Incision Craft
Server Address/IP:
Version: 1.7.4
Game Play Type/s: Survival with McMMO, Plots, Shops, Tons of Minigames (Listed Below)
Additional Worlds: VIP Plots, Hunger Games, Block Hunt, Free For All Gun Game, Team Deathmatch Gun Game, Mazes, Parkour, PVP

Description: A friendly, small English speaking server, for any person who has interest in Minecraft. We have tons of plugins to keep your busy and happy whilst keeping the server lag free. We have active staff members to make sure you have the best experience with a fully controlled community.

Rules: Rules are listed in game as you spawn. For more information, please contact a member of staff on our server
Server Hardware:
Unlimited Server Slots,
Unlimited RAM - default 6GB,
Unlimited Storage,
Unlimited Bandwidth,

Running the latest SpigotMC version

Staff Members:

Owner: Insightt,

Admins: SlothKilla, OK_ CYRUS, Kamikazzee1999,

Super Moderators: Glob3831, blue_ heart98, MattTheThief,

Moderators: Roonerz, Hockey_ Panda_

Architects: Cedandric, Medlol

[Welcome to our Spawn]


[Welcome to our Spawn]


[Warp to our different worlds.]


[Fight in our PVP arena.]


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