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Survival PvP Cracked Versie 1.2.5


ShaggyCraft is a new hardcore PVP/survial server. We use the factions and mcmmo plugins to bring you the ultimate experience. The goal in this server is to train your skills, build a strong base and raid others. There are many factions/mcmmo servers at the moment, so why would you choose this one?
- This server has very friendly players and staff, if you don\'t understand something, we won\'t call you noob. We will explain it to you and treat you with respect as long as you do the same to us.
- This server has levelcaps at the mcmmo combat skills, so training your combat skills is worth the while, but it\'s impossible to be overpowered. (skills like mining aren\'t capped)
- We don\'t have overpowered donations. Donating will give you useful perks, like slightly more power and some more commands, but it won\'t make you overpowered.
- The admins and the owner don\'t have the ability to spawn any items. So again, everything in this server is based on fairness. They will play in the server too, but they may not and can\'t spawn any items for themselves or others.
- We have working anticheat plugins, so no x-rayers or combathackers.

If you want a server in which you can make friends, have the ultimate pvp/survival experience and in which everything is done fairly? Then ShaggyCraft is the server for you!

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