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Survival PvP Legaal Versie 1.7.2


Server Features:

- Anarchy PvP Server
- No Land or Chest Protection
- No iConomy
- No Cheating
- No Map Boundaries
- No Whitelist
- Free.
- 75 Slots Running on a Dedicated Server
- Running bukkit
- Homes, Starter Kits, Spawn Teleport, and Other Basic Commands
- Awesome Community.

This server has been around since May 2011. The server was founded with the idea of a limitless, griefing, and anti-cheat world where anyone can make a base and start killing.

This meant that there had to be some ground rules put into place such as the following:

- No Cheating
- No Racism, Sexism, or Discrimination
- No Bullying
- No Advertising
- No Spamming

Due to the nature of the server, you may be tricked into false friendships where people just want to kill you and destroy your base, so be smart. This server is not for those who are sore losers and it isnt for those who want a creative environment with land protection. If you play it smart, you may just be the dominant player on the server.

So get ready to have fun and be careful who you trust.

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