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Survival PvP Legaal Votifier Server Versie 1.7.2


[LWC][Factions][Economy][PVP][Mcmmo][Teams][Mob Money]

Radiant Realms is a brand new server that opened on 2/2/2014. What is Radiant Realms, you ask? Radiant Realms is a faction server that allows PVP/Griefing/Raiding. If PVP/Griefing/Raiding isnt your style, We do offer peaceful status under certain conditions. The world of Radiant Realms is vast with a lot of beautiful places, and different warps to explore. At the center of Radiant Realms is the town of Lumina, where the spawn tower resides. Lumina has pixel art, drop party arena, shopping district, bar/hangout place, and several other things that youll have to discover for yourself.

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