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Minecrafters, Welcome to WorkInProgress!

We are WorkInProgress we are looking for even more players to increase our lovely server community! If you feel interested, please read here about our server, worlds, contacts and a lot more you might want to know.

- How can you reach us?

Server Address:

Teamspeak 3:


- About us:

We have an international server with over thousands different people all over the world.

The spoken language is English. We are willing to pay attention to every question, noobish or pro, we will try to answer it and if we can\\\'t answer it personally we will redirect you to the right person/platform.

- About the Server:

We are renting the Server on a powerful gaming computer, 24/7. To keep the server up and running we get donations from our loyal membersThe server\\\'s data is saved every 10 minutes and every 6 hours is an back-up, not including the additional manual saves maid by the Staff Team.

- Plugins:

Essentials, Multiworld, Residence, NOCheat, NOcheatB�ta 1.4.5 (private coding) and many more.

- Rules:

1. Of course no hacking, exploiting. Our server detects abnormallities and you\\\'ll get caught pretty easily without even noticing us watching you!

2. No extreme offensive language or misbehaviour.

With kind regards and we all hope to see you very very soon!

-WorkInProgress Community

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