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Survival Creative PvP Kingdom Mini Games Factions Cracked Votifier Server Versie 1.7.9


About the FaxCraft NetWork

We have Friendly Admins
We Use a couple of Plugins:
Friendly Admins
No lag
We need [email protected]

What we have:
- pvp
- Factions
- KitPVP
- AntiXray

We do have a Couple of rules on the server:
Rule No.1:
You, As a Player do NOT ask for items/blocks
Rule No.2:
be Respectful to other players and Admins
Rule No.3
Do not grief other players Houses
Rule no.4
Do Not Ask for Admin Rights
Rule No.5
Do not Use Cheats, Mods or X-Ray texture packs

Rule No.6
We mainly use Dutch And English as our language
Rule No.7
Watch your language
So do NOT Swear or curse
Younger people may be playing on this server
Rule No.8
Do not leave tree tops if you cut down a tree.

Of course overtime there will be more rules added.. but these are the rules for now

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