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Server kenmerken: Survival: PvP: Cracked: (Versie 1.6.4)
Totale votes deze maand: 0 (Votifier Server)
Connecteren: play.gangstapvp.com:25565 Copy IP
Server status: status (Uptime: 57.67 %)
Laatste voter: MartijnWeegenaar

Server beschrijving: If you want a reliable, 24/7 Lag-Free hardcore factions server, youve found it. Survival - its what were about, and if thats how you like it, youre going to love it here. You will always be hunted, so make a base far away from spawn, hide it well, set up traps, and out smart your opponents. So come join us, at GangstaPvP we promise and all-round sur and building experience, and remember: kill or be killed. There is very little mercy in the woods alone. So start a faction or join one, and you will quickly discover this server to be very enjoyable due to the competitive nature of us all. Build a base, kill some mobs, enchant some swords and challenge yourself against the best.

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