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Pika-Network - Website: http://pikacraft.eu/news.php

Dit is een Silver Vote Server en garandeert perfecte kwaliteit!

Server Functies: Survival: Creative: PvP: Cracked: (Versie 1.8)

Totaal aantal votes deze maand: 5675 (Votifier Server)

Connectie: play.pika-network.net Copy IP

Server status: (Uptime: 97.63 %)

Laatste voter: cheekyrang

Server beschrijving:

The Pika-Network has 8 servers, we allow people to go to Survival, Factions, Skyblock, prison and even more. You wont get bored on this server we promise that :).

-=How can I join?=-

You can join on 2 ips the main ip is: play.pika-network.net if that doesnt work you can always try this ip: play.pikacraft.eu


We have professional staff on each server so there wont be guys that are a pain in the ass to you. Keeping track on advertisers so the chat will be nice and clean.


Pika-Network is well known for the nice community we have, people of all ages join and seem to make new friends every day, meet your friends now, and join Pika-Network :).


You can always contact us trough skype or via the site.
site: www.pikacraft.eu
skype: mcpikacraft

Hope to see you on our server.

Huidige server video:

Officiële server banner:

server banner

Dynamische server banners:

Banner 1
Banner 2
Banner 3

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