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FutureRealms - Website: http://futurerealms.nl

Server Functies: Survival: Creative: PvP: Cracked: (Versie 1.7.4)

Totaal aantal votes deze maand: 244 (Votifier Server)

Connectie: mc.futurerealms.nl Copy IP

Server status: (Uptime: 98.59 %)

Laatste voter: AngryBirds1909

Server beschrijving:
Hello Minecrafters. Today I introduce to you the FutureRealms network. We have been online for more than 7 months, no big resets have ever occurred.

Our server is hosted on a high quality machine in Europe. The specifications are as follows :
- Intel Xeon E3 1245v2 (4 cores/ 8 Threads) 3.8 Ghz
- 32 GB DDR3
- 2x 120GB SSD
- 200Mbps
- Ddos mitigation ( Ddos protection )

We offer a lot of features and are also adding new minigames as the community grows. These are our main features :
- Towny
- Factions
- Minigames ( Dwarves vs Zombies, Skywars, Skyblock, Parkour, Free for All, KitPvP, MobArena, Paintball, SurvivalGames )

Our network is made up of multiple servers. This is for performance reasons. U can go to another server by clicking a sign or going through a portal. Currently some minigames are still running on the main ( Towny/Factions ) server. Later on this will change and all minigames will then be running on seperate servers.

Here is a list of commands available :
- /glist ( Lists all players online )
- /list ( Lists all players on the server u are currently connected to )
- /tpa {player} ( Sends a teleportation request to {player} )
- /tpahere {player} ( Sends a teleportation request to {player} )
- /bal ( Shows ur current balance on the server u are currently connected to )
- /mail send {player} {message} ( Sends {player} a mail with {message} )
- /mail read ( Reads all mails in your inbox )
- /mail clear ( Clears all mails in your inbox )


Huidige server video:

Officiële server banner:

server banner

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