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Server Functies: Survival: Creative: PvP: Cracked: (Versie 1.7.9)

Totaal aantal votes deze maand: 1 (Votifier Server)

Connectie: play.dutchkingcraft.nl Copy IP

Server status: (Uptime: 93.82 %)

Laatste voter: Skating_is_nice

Server beschrijving:
Dutch Minecraft Server.
In the lobby you can decide wich server to join.

NO EMAIL REGISTRATION REQUIRED. allthough, you can give your email adress, zo you can recover your password when its lost )

Vote rewards go to Survival server.

Creative (freebuild world, plotme world 250x250 plots)
Kingdom (faction based kingdom, griefing allowed on this server)
Survival (factions, iconomy, shop, marriage, etc)
Kingland (amusement park)
Roleplay (whitelisted)

Hosted on 32GB DDR3 1600 Corsair Vengeance RAM, I7 3770@ 4,3Ghz, 256GB Samsung 840 PRO SSD, 24/7 host NO LAGG


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