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Survival PvP Legaal Votifier Server Versie 1.11.2


This is a server where you can build, survive and have fun. PvP is enabled, but it is not the goal, that is building.

What we do have:
- Towny (grief protection plugin)
- Realistic economy (one gold ingot is equal to one dollar, the dollar supply is limited)
- Freedom of speech
- High render distance
- Railway systems
- Grief rollback

What we will have:
- Adventure maps

What we do not and will not have:
- More than one main server, this is 100% survival
- TNT & fire-spread restriction in the wilderness

Da Rules
1. Do not grief, spam. cheat, hack.

In order to keep things simple, we do not have too complicated plugins. Thats why we have the CustomHelp plugin to explain the available commands and server features. If you dont know how something works, you can always ask staff. Feedback is always tolerated.

Owner: xiaoqi7
Admin: zombiewainam

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