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Survival Sponge Pixelmon Legaal Votifier Server Versie 1.10.2


Pixelmon Dark Servers.

"To Play Download via our Technic Pack" (Link:
or Via the Latest Dark Update and install in your mods directory

Welcome to PokeCrafts

Our NEO Server has an Immersive Story Mode while including Survival. With over 30 custom plugins we offer multiple unique features including Player Arcade, Player Shops, Lucky Blocks & Unique Items. Make you way through our Story to become a Pokemon Master. Travel the World finding Towns, Battling Gyms and help defeat Team Magma & Aqua from taking over the Server.

Our ULTRA Server offers full on Pixelmon Survival with PvP (safezones include player claims & spawn). Custom Pokedex Rewards & Progressive Gym System. Custom Rewards, Training Areas & Arcade. Protect your Gear with Player Claims

Join Our already growing friendly community in the quest to "Catch em All"

We also have a Discord which you can join "Here" (Link:

You can visit our Forums "Here" (Link:

Heres just a little information about the server and its upcoming features.

Natural Legendary Spawning : Story Mode : SideQuests : Custom Gyms : Customs Towns : Custom Shops : Clans : Land Protection : Vote Rewards : Elite4 : Battle Towers : Donor Perks via Ingame Quests : Custom Shrines :WonderTrade : Auctions : AND Much More

We also hope you enjoy the Realistic Custom Terrain that spans our massive 15k by 15k blocks including all biomes and some of our custom builds.


We are working daily to improve server features and add new content working with our DEV team to provide you with the best possible experience. So why are you still reading hit up right now. We are waiting

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