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Survival PvP Legaal Votifier Server Versie 1.11.2



★ Celestial Gaming ★
The future of community survival

Celestial Gaming is a survival server that has the goal of bringing you back to the roots of Minecraft. We dont want factions, raiding, drama or any other thing that ruins the true fun of Minecraft. In this brand new server, you can make friends, build whatever you want, PvP if you want without losing any items and so much more. We are not "pay to win" and use our donations strictly to improve the quality of Celestial Gaming. We have several fun plugins that are open to everyone such as Custom Items, Particles, Player Vaults, etc.

Some of our features include:
130+ Custom Items
No Grief
Friendly Community
Gamerule Keep Inventory
Land Claiming
No Lag, 24/7 Server
And much more.

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