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Survival Creative PvP Kingdom Factions Vanilla Legaal Votifier Server Versie 1.12


Our beautiful custom world is home to our extremely friendly staff and wonderful players. Here you can build/join a town, work with slimefun, join a nation, toggle pvp, enjoy a nice cold brew, ride in helicopters, and experience a community life in the very active towns. Players work together to build and grow the community within, and thrive off of the many options that slimefun and craftbook gives them. Our other freatures include mcmmo, pets and lwc to protect chests from griefs.

Our plots are 125x125, however if you want to build with a friend you can merge plots together to make an even bigger shared plots. Donors are allowed more plots based on their ranks, but every player is allowed to build and express themselves in any way shape or form. The beautiful builds that are on our server range from pixel art to massive cathedrals. The possibilities are endless and the players always give each other positive feedback/inspiration. You can build with friends, or you can build alone. Always your choice, but theres no better place to do it than TheProCraft.

For our skyblock server you have 3 island options. The original island which we all know and love. The Island Duo, which is two islands close together But double the fun and a little bit easier. The last option is Black Diamonds. An experts only island with limited resources, including a few diamonds, and some iron ore located on the island. There is also an admin shop to buy all of the extra resources you might need to make your island a little more snazzy. With the many challenges that come with an island, you will never run out of something to do.

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