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Survival PvP Factions Legaal Votifier Server Versie 1.8x-1.11x


**IP: **
Lots of great plugins:
Factions (Build guilds with you friends.)
McMMo (Level up your stats.)
WorldEdit (Admin Tool)
WorldGuard (To Help make areas more protected)
ObsidianAuction (Auction Your Items)
Ga-Listener (Vote Plugin)
Essentials (Adds a lot of needed commands)
NoCheatPlus (To stop those hackers)
HealthBar (you can see your opponents health while youre fighting them)
ObsidianDesroyer (takes 10 tnt to blow up obsidian, water does not protect obsidian)
MSShout (Custom Plugin, allows normal players to shout a message once every 5 minutes)
FreeForAll (Custom Plugin, this plugin is a free for all plugin customly made for MineStomp.)
Good for people who like Hardcore PvP servers.
No Chest Protection.
Shops. Sell your items. Buy items.
And more come check it out.
No hacking
No spamming, or advertising. We perma ban advertisers and mute/kick spammers.
Hacking on multiple accounts results in your ip being fire-walled.
Respect the staff. Staff can pvp and can verify trades and such.
Setting home in bases is aloud but you have to be ally in order to set home.

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