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Minecraft Achievements is a complete guide to the achievements in the PC, Xbox and Playstation edition.


As part of the Minecraft Inventions community (which we mentioned earlier), Minecraft Achievements aims at providing players a decent, noob-friendly guide to all the achievements in the game.
Since the recent release of Minecraft on the Playstation 3, it has been updated with all the information you need to get these trophies.

Interested? Visit their website at, choose your platform, then pick an achievement by clicking it or use the search bar. Once you’ve picked an achievement, you will be given various information, such as the amount of Xbox points you’re awarded, or the type of Playstation Trophy, as well as a detailed description on how to obtain the achievement with pictures of recipes if required.

Minecraft Inventions


Minecraft Inventions is a large community about custom maps, mods, servers, skins, etc! You can promote your own inventions, submit them at our website or just talk about random stuff at our forums!

1) Go to and fill in the required information to create an account.
2) Go to the submit page to start submitting your invention.
3) Done! You can keep track of your inventions in your account.

The site has also some other secctions like a Minecraft chat room, forums and epic Minecraft memes collections.

Have fun with this inventions site!