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New feature: Minecraft country filter

This month, we introduce a new feature on our Minecraft server list, the Minecraft Servers List by country feature. With this feature, you can filter the Minecraft servers on the country of the owner. With this feature, we will see new traffic from small countries that don’t have a vote site at this moment. We will optimize or SEO to grow in this new area.

Server owners can change their country of origin, by logging in on and go to their profile.

Minecraft Server List – The largest Minecraft Servers List

Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world due to the fact that it offers all the necessary tools to explore countless worlds, be it by alone or with your friends. However, since there is no server browser in the game, it can be very hard to spot all the best servers in the world. Thankfully, we have This website has been specifically created to help you find some of the most popular Minecraft servers in the whole world.

Minecraft Server List comes with an intuitive interface that allows you to find the servers you want based on the desired criteria. You can choose to filter servers based on the game version, game modes or any other criteria you want. Thanks to the large amount of servers included in it, as well as the great filters, Minecraft Server List has become the largest vote site in Netherlands & Belgium. In addition to that, it’s one of the most popular Minecraft server voting sites in the whole world. Its popularity has lead to more than a million visitors up to this day.

By listing your Minecraft server on this site you will gain the opportunity of reaching a worldwide audience for your server, so getting more players won’t be a problem anymore. Additionally, through the voting system, the coolest servers will gain the exposure they deserve. Voting is very simply and intuitive, so it’s really easy to promote the servers you love.

The Minecraft Server List website allows you to make your server’s page even more appealing and informative simply by adding a YouTube video in which you showcase its main features. By adding a video you will be able to promote your server in a much more efficient manner, as it leads to more views, hence more people will gain interest in checking it out.

Browsing through the Minecraft Server List can take some time, especially if you want to check all the listings, but through this process you will be able to find your favorite Minecraft server that you will play from now on.

Additionally, Minecraft Server List even includes complete support for Minecraft cracked servers, which means that you can literally join any type of game, even on pirated servers.

And as if that wasn’t enough, Minecraft Server List features an extensive forum where people can join the community and talk about Minecraft, receive support for the site or post tutorials for the game. The site has a vibrant, helpful community that is welcoming newcomers.

No matter what type of game mode you want to play or the game version you own, Minecraft Server List will help you find the right Minecraft server for you. Through its extensive list you can find some of the best servers in the world, so go ahead and check it out right now, and find the Minecraft server you always wanted to play on.

ServerPact Games Filters


With this new month, we introduce a new feature on our site. Now it’s possible to sort your Minecraft server with your personal taste. You can filter on votes, creative, cracked, pvp, Tekkit, Feed the Beast, Minecraft version, language, etc. With this feature, you have a personal Minecraft Server List. We will add other games to the filter in the next months. <= Visit the Minecraft Filter page =>