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ServerPact Version 3 – The best Minecraft Server List in the world


Today we launched our third version of ServerPact, the largest Minecraft Server List in many countries like The Netherlands and Belgium. With more than one million visitors a month, we wanted to make our site faster and better than ever before. With a fresh and superfast design, we moved our site to the next level. The site supports mobile, tables and PC connections. New Minecraft Filters and versions have been added. Also a partners page is now available. In the next weeks we will do small updates, with the feedback you sent in our BETA period. Enjoy the new faster site! Visit it on:

Welcome to our Minecraft Server List Blog


Welcome to our new Blog of ServerPact for the Minecraft Server List. In this blog we will inform you of  all the latest news of our Minecraft vote site. Every site update or news item we will publish on this blog. As well new games we will launch can be announced at this blog. Every three months we will publish our statistics on the blog. Af the right of our blog you will find the social media like Twitter and Facebook and other info like the word cloud. This blog will only be in English, but you can still visiting our normal Minecraft Server Lijst page.

Thanks for visiting our blog,

Team ServerPact