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The new Gold spot bidding


The last months we’ve noticed that Gold spots on our vote site, are unaffordable for some of the server operators to pay monthly. That’s why we propose to rent Gold spots by week.

With the purchase of one week you’ll get 600 votes for the entire month. You can order a Gold spots for a fixed price from 1 to 10 weeks. The first to buy will be the first on the list, the more people on the list, the higher the price. This also works in reverse, the less people on the reservation list, the lower the price. If you want to try, you can purchase only one week.

Visit the Gold Spots reservation page.


ServerPact Premium Servers: Bronze, Silver or Gold


Dear Server Owner, we have updated yesterday our premium options page. Now you can for our Minecraft Server List order Bronze, Silver or Gold option. Each has the goal to give you more and more players on your gaming server. Until the end of this year, each option is for our English and Dutch MinecraftServerLijst website. To view all details, you can go to the premium page. We hope you enjoy our new clear table!