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Play online web games on our site

Today, ServerPact launch a online web games page. On our web game page your can find more than 1400 minigames. Games like Bubble Bash, Bejeweled,… are all available for free. The site is a perfect expansion after our online gaming lists. Now people can play some minigames after they voted for their favourite server. Their is also a Disqus comment system. Highscores and your feedback about a game can be posted. Ready to play? Go to our minigames page!


Minecraft Server List now with new design online for English Users


Our Minecraft Server List site has now a special Europe English websites. On this website we do only English servers. With a easy flag you can switch to the dutch “Minecraft Server Lijst” site. We have done also improvements on our design, you can see new icons and corners around some of the images. Comments en minecraft video tools are added to the server owner management page. Server owners that also host other games, can now add these. Is the game not in the list, please contact us to add it. When there are many other game servers added, we will launch that site. For management and voting for your server we have improve the and website. The Youtube video and Disqus comments are available for everyone.

You can now comment on our Minecraft Server List!

disqus comment system

Today and tomorrow we will add Disqus comments widget on our vote pages. With this new addon it will be possible to comment your experience with a Minecraft Server or other game server. You can express the good and bad feeling you have with a server on our list. We will look weekly to moderator comments. We hope you enjoy this new feature to communicate with your server members!

Minecraft Tutorials

Minecraft Tutorials

ServerPact has many important Tutorials on it’s forums. For server owners we have some tutorials how they can start on our vote site. The first video is how to register on ServerPact with your Minecraft Server. The seconde video is about how to configure Votifier on our Minecraft Server List website. Special thanks to TwincraftGamerz who produced this video’s. For additional support you’re welcome on our forums.

Welcome to our Minecraft Server List Blog


Welcome to our new Blog of ServerPact for the Minecraft Server List. In this blog we will inform you of  all the latest news of our Minecraft vote site. Every site update or news item we will publish on this blog. As well new games we will launch can be announced at this blog. Every three months we will publish our statistics on the blog. Af the right of our blog you will find the social media like Twitter and Facebook and other info like the word cloud. This blog will only be in English, but you can still visiting our normal Minecraft Server Lijst page.

Thanks for visiting our blog,

Team ServerPact