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Buycraft & Enjin Premium partnership


Now we have a partnership with Enjin and Buycraft! Bronze, Silver and Gold servers get a code in their e-mail every time they expand their membership days. With Buycraft Premium we help servers to get donations. The first month you get free. With Enjin we help servers to make an easy website. The Enjin Premium code works for 45 days. We are happy to help new servers to expand their possibilities! For more information, visit our Minecraft Vote Site page.

ServerPact and Enjin Partner – Minecraft Websites


Dear game admin. It’s important for every server to have it’s own guild website of Minecraft Server Website. First we had our own SSD Webhosting for advanced own created websites. But for some users, it’s difficult to write html code etc. For these users we announce Enjin provides Minecraft Website Builder Tools for servers and clans. With these tools you can build your Minecraft website without learning difficult programming code!




Enjin has also wonderful plugins for your server. Like the DonationCraft Plugin which gives you full control over donations and handling it automatic ingame!


We also give away some Premium Advanced Keys to build your own full Enjin website! E-mail us on the contact page with a clear reason why you want this, we will pick the best out. There is also on our Forum a challenge topic.


If you log in on your Enjin website, you will now also see our Minecraft Server List on the list of the possible vote sites!