ServerPact V3 Changelog

ServerPact V3 Features

The last month we have been working on the biggest update since V2 was launched. To help you get around we have made a list of features we have worked on.

Sleek server cards




We thought about a way to show a lot of servers in an enormous list while keeping the list neat and tidy. We came up with the idea of separate cards with each card having its own content neatly organized. We chose to make the whole card clickable (even on mobile devices!) to make voting for or reading about a server as accessible as possible.

Server information table


We had all information about a server in plain text in V2, we thought it was time for a change and to sort in even better.

The information table consists of:
Amount of votes, Last voter, Server status, Server Uptime, Website URL, IP and a banner on the bottom.

Quick share





Quickly share the page you’re currently viewing with our custom share widget.

Manage server cards:


We’ve made having several servers on ServerPact easy, accessible and beautiful at the same time with our new separate server cards for every server you have.

We even added a game indicator in the top-right corner of the card so you can even manage a network of several game servers with the same name.

Custom BBcodes!


We have taken the time to help you make your server description even better! You can now use one of our new tags!
It’s as simple as typing “[title] *title text* [/title]” in your description!

Click here to see a full list of BBcode you can use!

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