ServerPact Version 3 – The best Minecraft Server List in the world


Today we launched our third version of ServerPact, the largest Minecraft Server List in many countries like The Netherlands and Belgium. With more than one million visitors a month, we wanted to make our site faster and better than ever before. With a fresh and superfast design, we moved our site to the next level. The site supports mobile, tables and PC connections. New Minecraft Filters and versions have been added. Also a partners page is now available. In the next weeks we will do small updates, with the feedback you sent in our BETA period. Enjoy the new faster site! Visit it on:

Minecraft Dutch book review of JPPublishing

minecraft book

From the Dutch book publisher, JPPublishing, we got four Minecraft books for a review. The first two books where released some months ago, “Minecraft Handboek voor beginners” (ISBN13: 9789030580706) and “Minecraft Redstone handboek” (ISBN13: 9789030580607). And the two new Minecraf books from this month, Combat handboek (ISBN13: 9789030580270) and Constructie handboek (ISBN13: 9789030580379). The books are sold in the Netherlands and Belgium.


The books have an excellent book quality. They have a beautiful hardcover with strong pages. The books can inspire young and older players with new ideas and help them forward with new information from the tutorials, checklists and tips. By the end of the year, they will sell almost 100 000 copies on the Dutch region. If you are looking for a gift, take a look to this.

For the full Dutch review, go to the full review on or There you will find a long blogpost about this book collection. You can find more information about this Minecraft books, on the site of the publisher,

Vote site databank optimization


We have done MySQL maintenance for the second time this year. This time optimization techiques from Percona. The first results are very satisfying, up to 50% faster SQL performance for some of our vote pages on Minecraft Server List. We didn’t switched to Percona SQL Server, we are still on MySQL with MyISAM and InnoDB tables. Enjoy the faster loading times!

The new Gold spot bidding


The last months we’ve noticed that Gold spots on our vote site, are unaffordable for some of the server operators to pay monthly. That’s why we propose to rent Gold spots by week.

With the purchase of one week you’ll get 600 votes for the entire month. You can order a Gold spots for a fixed price from 1 to 10 weeks. The first to buy will be the first on the list, the more people on the list, the higher the price. This also works in reverse, the less people on the reservation list, the lower the price. If you want to try, you can purchase only one week.

Visit the Gold Spots reservation page.


MinecraftMarket codes


MinecraftMarket’s vision has been to create a system that allows servers, both small and large, to thrive. With support from the community, MinecraftMarket combines innovative features and affordable pricing in order to be the best Minecraft shopping system. From now on, all Silver & Gold servers will receive a code for 30 days Premium MinecraftMarket. Enjoy!

Minecraft Server List on the news ;)

Our Minecraft Server List website was on a newssite this week 😉 Hope you enjoy this video! Don’t forget to add your Minecraft trailer to your account on serverpact!

Minecraft Server List – The largest Minecraft Servers List

Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world due to the fact that it offers all the necessary tools to explore countless worlds, be it by alone or with your friends. However, since there is no server browser in the game, it can be very hard to spot all the best servers in the world. Thankfully, we have This website has been specifically created to help you find some of the most popular Minecraft servers in the whole world.

Minecraft Server List comes with an intuitive interface that allows you to find the servers you want based on the desired criteria. You can choose to filter servers based on the game version, game modes or any other criteria you want. Thanks to the large amount of servers included in it, as well as the great filters, Minecraft Server List has become the largest vote site in Netherlands & Belgium. In addition to that, it’s one of the most popular Minecraft server voting sites in the whole world. Its popularity has lead to more than a million visitors up to this day.

By listing your Minecraft server on this site you will gain the opportunity of reaching a worldwide audience for your server, so getting more players won’t be a problem anymore. Additionally, through the voting system, the coolest servers will gain the exposure they deserve. Voting is very simply and intuitive, so it’s really easy to promote the servers you love.

The Minecraft Server List website allows you to make your server’s page even more appealing and informative simply by adding a YouTube video in which you showcase its main features. By adding a video you will be able to promote your server in a much more efficient manner, as it leads to more views, hence more people will gain interest in checking it out.

Browsing through the Minecraft Server List can take some time, especially if you want to check all the listings, but through this process you will be able to find your favorite Minecraft server that you will play from now on.

Additionally, Minecraft Server List even includes complete support for Minecraft cracked servers, which means that you can literally join any type of game, even on pirated servers.

And as if that wasn’t enough, Minecraft Server List features an extensive forum where people can join the community and talk about Minecraft, receive support for the site or post tutorials for the game. The site has a vibrant, helpful community that is welcoming newcomers.

No matter what type of game mode you want to play or the game version you own, Minecraft Server List will help you find the right Minecraft server for you. Through its extensive list you can find some of the best servers in the world, so go ahead and check it out right now, and find the Minecraft server you always wanted to play on.

MCBCon – Minecraft Builders Convention

MC Builders Con is a project to bring Minecraft builders together. Many creative servers and teams join the same Minecraft servers. The goal of the project is to have fun, be creative and talk to other people who love to create giant buildings. More information about the Minecraft Builders Convention can you find on their information page. Here you have a trailer of the MCBCon:

Buycraft & Enjin Premium partnership


Now we have a partnership with Enjin and Buycraft! Bronze, Silver and Gold servers get a code in their e-mail every time they expand their membership days. With Buycraft Premium we help servers to get donations. The first month you get free. With Enjin we help servers to make an easy website. The Enjin Premium code works for 45 days. We are happy to help new servers to expand their possibilities! For more information, visit our Minecraft Vote Site page. start Minecraft Doolhof wedstrijd op

TopGeoFort GeoCraft kaart

Bouw in MineCraft een spannend doolhof en win een robot.


GeoFort heeft een wedstrijd uitgeschreven waarin je wordt uitgedaagd om een uitdagend doolhof te ontwerpen in Minecraft. Je bent volledig vrij in het maken van je doolhof, of deze nu onder de grond komt, in een flatgebouw, op een kale vlakte of in het water: niets moet, alles mag!


Hoe start je met GeoCraft?

Verbind in Minecraft met de server op Vul je naam, geboortedatum en mailadres in en je bent klaar om te spelen! De eerste keer dat je op de server komt krijg je een plot toegewezen waar je je eigen doolhof kunt bouwen.

Let op: je moet premium gebruiker zijn van Minecraft om mee te doen aan GeoCraft.


Jouw eigen perceel om een doolhof te bouwen

Zodra je bent aangemeld op GeoCraft krijg je een eigen perceel waar je een doolhof kan bouwen. Op de andere percelen kan je (ver)dwalen in de complexe doolhoven die al zijn gebouwd. Je kunt daar wandelen en rondkijken, maar niets bouwen of afbreken. Ga naar jou perceel door in de chat /home te typen.



Iedereen met een premium Minecraft account kan meedoen.

Er wordt gebouwd in Creative mode

Je krijgt een onbeperkt aantal blokken om te bouwen.

Je kan alle blokken direct plaatsen en verwijderen, ongeacht het type blok.

De bouwwerken die je maakt zijn beschermd en kunnen niet kapot worden gemaakt door anderen. Uitgeschakeld zijn monsters, TNT, het gooien van brandbommen en het verspreiden van vuur.

Deelnemen kan via:

Wij mogen ook twee van onze leden gelukkig maken met een toegangsticket voor geofort! Klik hier om deel te nemen.