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Upcoming update & New blog system

Dear Minecraft visitor

ServerPact is working very hard on the next version of our Minecraft Server List. We have made a blogpost on with an exclusive preview of the new design for the vote site. With this message, we also switch our blog system to the ServerPact Medium page, where we will keep you up-to-date.

Security improvements

Security improvements

In order to keep your information secure we’ve switched to a better password encryption algorithm. You’re password will be re-encrypted with the new algoritm the next time you log in.

Our motivation

A week ago, an ethical hacker contacted us about a brute-force login in February 2015. The hacker had broken into an old phpMyAdmin environment on an old server, where we had an old version of ServerPact stored. About 50% of the 77 000 accounts with our old encryption algorithm were compromised. We notified all affected users and urged them to change their password the same day. Keep in mind that we do not store any sensitive payment details and that we keep as little sensitive information about you and your server.

After a full security inspection no other vulnerabilities have been found. Anyone who finds vulnerabilities can contact us.

What’s next

We’re working hard on the next big update. This update will include a new design and more security measures like Two-Factor-Authentication and better encryption for any sensitive information.

New feature: Minecraft country filter

This month, we introduce a new feature on our Minecraft server list, the Minecraft Servers List by country feature. With this feature, you can filter the Minecraft servers on the country of the owner. With this feature, we will see new traffic from small countries that don’t have a vote site at this moment. We will optimize or SEO to grow in this new area.

Server owners can change their country of origin, by logging in on and go to their profile.

Minecraft book review: Blockopedia

This book is available in Dutch and in English. We have a Dutch review on our MinecraftFans website.

Online players graphs for Minecraft servers

ServerPact will launch a new function for all Minecraft servers on our vote site: online player graphs. ServerPact will check two times/hour how many players their are online on your server. We will generate player graphs with these data on a seperate graphs page. You can find the graphs tab at the right top of each vote page. This was a feature that was wanted by many visitors and server owners. We can also announce, that starting tomorrow, you can vote every 12 hours instead of every 24 hours before. We did a poll, and 80+% wanted to vote every 12 hours.


15 useful Minecraft websites

We made a list of 15 useful English Minecraft websites. Feel free to share!

Minecraft Seeds:
Minecraft Crafting:
Minecraft News about releases:
Minecraft Server Advertisements:
Minecraft Texture Packs:
Minecraft Skin Generator:
Minecraft English Wiki:
Minecraft XP Calculator:
Minecraft Enchantment Calculator:
Minecraft Superflat Generator:
Minecraft Server List:
Minecraft ServerPact Blog:
Minecraft Live Status:
Minecraft FAQ:
Minecraft ServerPact Forums:

Dutch Minecraft websites:
Minecraft NL Forums:
Minecraft NL Fans:
Minecraft Nieuws:
Minecraft Server Lijst:
Minecraft WoM Forums:
Minecraft NL Wiki:
Minecraft NL Crafting:
Minecraft Skin Editor:
Minecraft Maps Download:
Minecraft Benelux Hosting:
Minecraft Wiki-NL:
Minecraft Krant:
Minecraft FAQ:

Your site in this list? Contact the ServerPact Team. We would be happy to add your Minecraft site.

Play online web games on our site

Today, ServerPact launch a online web games page. On our web game page your can find more than 1400 minigames. Games like Bubble Bash, Bejeweled,… are all available for free. The site is a perfect expansion after our online gaming lists. Now people can play some minigames after they voted for their favourite server. Their is also a Disqus comment system. Highscores and your feedback about a game can be posted. Ready to play? Go to our minigames page!


New advertisement options on Minecraft Server List

Dear server owner, today we can confirm that we are changing our membership options. Bronze, Silver en Gold membership will be converted to Premium and Ultimate membership. With this two new advertisement options for your Minecraft server, we hope to make the subscription options simpler. If you want to advertise on the top of all our sites, you can take Ultimate membership (= the gold Gold spots). If you want to display your banner, get more votes and have a spot in the banner rotation, you can take Premium membership. (= the old Silver plan).

Their are also some other changes. With Premium membership, you advertised server will get +500 votes every first day of the month. With Ultimate membership, your server will get +1000 votes every first day of a new vote month. Thanks to this increase in additional votes, your server will be higher on our lists.

How to get Ultimate membership? Go to the Ultimate membership reservation page.

How to get Premium membership? Go to our advertisement options page.



New games on ServerPact

New games on ServerPact gaming server list.

In the next days, ServerPact will update some of its server list pages. In December 2014, we updated all Minecraft pages to our V3 style. Now we will do the same for other games. The next game pages will be updated in February 2015: Counter Strike, Team Fortress 2, Call of Duty, Battlefield, San Andreas, Cube World and Left 4 Dead. We will also add two new game pages: Terraria and Garry’s mod.

After this updated, all our server lists will be on the new V3 style. With the new games, we will extend the reach of our vote site.





ServerPact V3 Changelog

ServerPact V3 Features

The last month we have been working on the biggest update since V2 was launched. To help you get around we have made a list of features we have worked on.

Sleek server cards




We thought about a way to show a lot of servers in an enormous list while keeping the list neat and tidy. We came up with the idea of separate cards with each card having its own content neatly organized. We chose to make the whole card clickable (even on mobile devices!) to make voting for or reading about a server as accessible as possible.

Server information table


We had all information about a server in plain text in V2, we thought it was time for a change and to sort in even better.

The information table consists of:
Amount of votes, Last voter, Server status, Server Uptime, Website URL, IP and a banner on the bottom.

Quick share





Quickly share the page you’re currently viewing with our custom share widget.

Manage server cards:


We’ve made having several servers on ServerPact easy, accessible and beautiful at the same time with our new separate server cards for every server you have.

We even added a game indicator in the top-right corner of the card so you can even manage a network of several game servers with the same name.

Custom BBcodes!


We have taken the time to help you make your server description even better! You can now use one of our new tags!
It’s as simple as typing “[title] *title text* [/title]” in your description!

Click here to see a full list of BBcode you can use!